May 29th, 2023

We patched a bug with the Robinhood integration today that was caused by a change they made in their API that broke our integration for market buy orders only. The changes they are making seem related to preparing for 24/7 trading on some tickers.

Under the hood in Robinhood, market buy orders are technically executed as limit orders with a 5% collar on the price. So if you submit a market order when last price is $10, then technically it gets submitted and executed as a limit order with limit price of $10.50. They changed the way this functionality works so we had to upgrade our API integration to be compatible with the changes.

Buy shares market orders were failing with this error message: "Your app version is missing important stock trading updates. You can still place orders on the web."

This issue is resolved now and we will continue to monitor for any other non-backwards compatible changes they make to the API.

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