Strategies are what you connect to a broker in TradersPost. They are linked to a webhook and you can subscribe to a strategy to connect it to your broker.

Create a Strategy

Once you have created a webhook, you will be ready to create a strategy.

  1. Navigate to Strategies and click the New Strategy button at the top right. Give it a name and choose which webhook you want the strategy to be linked to.

  2. Scroll down and you can optionally fill in the fields under the section named Additional Details. These fields are only useful if other users will be subscribing to your strategy.

  3. Next, scroll down to the Subscription Defaults section. These are the default setting values that get used when a new subscription is created for the strategy. Subscriptions can customize these settings after the subscription is created.

  4. Finally, click the Save button and your strategy will be created.

Now you are ready to connect your strategy to your broker using a subscription.

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