May 7, 2022


When TradersPost has connectivity issues with a broker, we will now show a special error message to make it easy for you to reconnect your account depending on the type of error. Previously we would show a regular TradersPost error page that made it difficult for users to know what the problem was.

TradersPost can lose connectivity with your broker in some scenarios. For example, if you change your password in TD Ameritrade, then all 3rd parties that have access to your account will lose access and your account must be reconnected.

If the connection error occurs when editing a strategy subscription, instead of letting the full page error, we will catch the error and allow you to continue editing your strategy subscription.

If the error occurs when loading data on the dashboard, the special error message will show instead of a regular internal server error page.

These changes are also a part of some broader work related to observability, logging and monitoring improvements for the TradersPost system so that we have more insight and visibility in to errors. These changes will help improve the stability of the system and give us higher confidence when making changes to the TradersPost system.

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