March 19, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with TradeStation integration in accounts with a high volume of orders per day that can cause order creation and cancelation to fail sometimes.

  • Fix issue with the Max strategy positions feature to consider positions being exited and entry orders being canceled when counting how many positions are open in comparison to the Max strategy positions setting.

  • Fix issue with TradeStation order statuses not being properly handled in all scenarios which can result in trades failing.


  • Move broker details from Broker Edit screen to separate page to speed up loading of the Broker Edit screen.

  • Improve performance of TradeStation integration for accounts with a high volume of orders per day.

  • Show TradeStation DisplayName in TradersPost UI instead of internal AccountID. This is simply a display change as showing the internal AccountID confused TradeStation customers because TradeStation apps all display the DisplayName instead of internal AccountID.

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